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Review a Chapter Build Smarter with Alternative Materials

Every builder needs a niche – a way to find good work without butting heads against cutthroat competition. The new book Build Smarter with Alternative Materials by Leon Frechette explains how to get a leg up on the competition by working smarter, not just harder.

This Web site includes dozens of excerpts from the book, including complete chapters designed to make or save you money on every job. You'll get the facts, not the hype on these materials – including what to do and what to avoid, installation tips and man-hour estimates.

Click on any chapter title in the blue bar at the left to see the chapter contents. Within each chapter you'll find a list of new materials recommended by the author. Many of these material names have underlined links. Click on a link to read about that material and see installation details. Every chapter includes a list of manufacturers with links to Web sites where you can get more information and the name of a local dealer.

Leon Frechette presents TOOL TALK, a live tool demonstration at home & garden shows across the United States and Canada. During his presentations, Leon demonstrates the latest tools and construction techniques. He promotes Tool Talk with appearances on TV and radio talk shows. If you live in North America, Tool Talk is probably coming to your area some time in the next year.

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